Management Team

The KAARO management team meets regularly to discuss the implementation of subprojects as well as national cooperation in nationwide joint projects and between local subprojects. 

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Risto Hotulainen

Director, KAARO (Chairperson)

Associate Professor, Director, KAARO & the Centre for Educational Assessment (CEA)


Marja Tamm

Project Manager, KAARO (sec.)

Project Manager, KAARO & Centre for Educational Assessment


Sari Harmoinen

Director, KAARO Oulu

University Lecturer, Education Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Oulu 

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Martti Raevaara

Director, KAARO Aalto

Professor, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Art, Aalto University 


Inkeri Ruokonen

Vice-Director, KAARO Helsingin Chairperson

Head of the Master’s Programme in Education, Lecturer, Department of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki 


Päivi Atjonen

Director, KAARO Itä-Suomi

Professor, School of Educational Sciences and Psychology


Mirja Hiltunen

Director, KAARO Lappi

professor, University od Lapland

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Renata Svedlin

johtaja, KAARO Åbo

University Lecturer 

Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies 

Åbo Akademi University